Oct 9th FTG Link - The World's Next Link Shortener!

We've received a number of requests to build a custom solution to create a shortlink solution that operates more reliably than Bitly. With many complaints coming through of lost links, expired shortlinks, and user account issues, we've sought out to create a new solution that solves these problems. Introducing FTG Link. a simplified solution. By ... Read More »

Sept 28th Announcing FTGHost 8.0 release-1

FTGHost 8.0 offers a myriad of new features that are available to the user, from simple fixes to full feature upgrades. This update to our system is the most comprehensive one yet so far, and we're very much looking forward to sharing it with you. As of reading this, it is LIVE and ready for you to check out the new features! New ... Read More »

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